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Male Reader X Yandere Kurumu REMIX :iconborismiku:borismiku 0 0
Goodbye :iconborismiku:borismiku 2 0
Almost ready for action
Syrakk: Well, we are almost ready.
Kokoa: Yeah, this is going to be great. But, it is rated NC-17 and aged for 22 and older, if you are under 22, GET THE HELL FROM HERE AND WHY WERE YOU BORN!?!?!?!
Yukari: What the?
Crunch: That's very mean! Ask them angrily why were they born makes me feel sad. Also NC-17 means No one 17 and under admitted according to MPPA, you mean NC-22.
Kokoa: You're right, Sometimes I'm...
Crunch: That's OK. Every person changes over time, not a problem at all. *smiles and wink*
Boris: Blood, gore and big bites! Read or watch in this case at your OWN risk, this is not for children at all.
Moka seen sucking Tsukune's blood, a little bit far from Boris.
Boris:*points the vampire bite situlation* Especially THIS one! *serious* Folks, this is very serious, it's very important to make sure, that you don't have nightmares involving our gruesome crossover story. I and/or we may be responsible for this. Fandoms may be pretty scary for your children and/or you. If you are
:iconborismiku:borismiku 0 0
The Resurrection of Ceefax :iconborismiku:borismiku 0 0
Mature content
Another preview :iconborismiku:borismiku 0 0
Rede Tupi :iconborismiku:borismiku 0 0
Mature content
Male Reader X Kokoa Shuzen announcements :iconborismiku:borismiku 1 0
This guy should be BIG fan :iconborismiku:borismiku 0 0
Male Reader X Kokoa Shuzen Teaser Tralier
Male Reader X Kokoa Shuzen Tralier!
This time, more brutal story!
More fearful situlation!
Watch out! She is Back!
Boris: Who?!
Boris*confused*: Her?! I'm confused!
Moka: Me too!
Tsukune: Me three!
Borisia: Me four!
Kokoa: Uhh... Me five!
Blue hair!
Boris: Blue hair...
Starts with K
Boris: Starts with K...
Six letters
Boris: Six lett... er... s!
Ends with U
Boris: Ends with U...
Boris: Female...
The one...
Boris: The one...
who takes [F/N] from everybody and thetern everybody else to be killed by her
Boris*serious*: Wait... This reminds me off... *shocked* WAIT A SECOND!!! THIS IS KURUMU!!!
Correct answer!
Everybody else: WHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!!!!!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!
Yukari: But I thought Kurumu is back to Yokai Academi and never go to Pearl!
Boris: Yes, but storymaker decides Kurumu to create her return in contunation of previous Male Reader story.
Kokoa: This means more brutal yandere yangie fights, less rom
:iconborismiku:borismiku 1 0
The German Void Teaser Tralier :iconborismiku:borismiku 2 3 Should be better if it is PNG. :iconborismiku:borismiku 2 1
Mature content
Sneak Peek Male Reader X Kokoa Shuzen :iconborismiku:borismiku 2 0
Stage One
Stage One is here.
You were traveled to Pearl Empire to meet new friends. At 1:45 PM you meet new friends like Boris,Boza,Borisia,Syrakk and Kumi.You are at Pearler fastfood chain named: "Lapis Lazuli Fastfood"
The door opens and they meet you.
Boris:Are you lonley?
[F/N]:Yes,I am.
Boris:Hello,new friend. My name's Borislavov Ztrazikol Adriadski. You can call me Boris. *points at Borisia* This is Borisia.
Boris:*points to Syrakk* This is Syrakk.
Boris:*points to Boza* This is Boza.
Boris:And last,but not least. *points to Kumi*This is Kumi.
Kumi:Hi. Ja'am Kumi. Siber to meet ya'.
[F/N]:Hi, My name is [F/N] [M/N] [L/N]. Nice to meet you.
Boris: Pearl is good place to meet friends. The good news is, that Yokai Acadamy students and on Pearler School and hotel. They want to meet you too in tomorrow. Other than that,they are on Pearler tour.
:iconborismiku:borismiku 10 0
Male ReaderXYandere Kurumu Part 4 Extended Version
Kurumu uses Allure ability for control Mizore.
Moka: MIZORE!!!
Kurumu falcon kicks both you and Boris. He made an Wilhelm Scream while he flew away.
Moka: [F/N]!!! *runs to you* are you alright?
Boris: We think so...
[F/N]: Uuuhhhhh...
Suddenly, Moka accidently smelled your blood.
Moka: Oh no! That smell of... blood... makes me to...
[F/N]: Uh oh!
Tsukune: Running gag again!
Boris: You better be jealous if she doesn't smell your blood.
Tsukune: I'll, but I am also confused.
And, so Moka put her lips on your neck and sink her fangs into your throat. Kokoa then see Moka biting you.
Kokoa: Argh! I was going to do that.
Borisia: I almost speak gibberish for that thing.
Boris and Borisia talk in their language. This is Pearler language. It is mix of Greek and Cyrillic ones.
Kurumu pulls Moka from your neck and throw away, and she pulls rosario from her,thus Inner Moka is back.
[F/N]: What is that language you speaking for?
:iconborismiku:borismiku 1 0
Male Reader XHalf Sadist Yandere Kurumu Part 4
Me: This is going to be last codename-story for Male Reader x Yandere Kurumu. Are you ready.
Foxy,2016 Blossom,Sam,Sailor Moon,Mizore,Kokoa: We bet.
Me: Be careful,because this is going to be last part. You will only see it at once with me.
Everyone: OK!
And so,last codename-story start.
Kurumu uses Allure ability for control Mizore.
Moka: MIZORE!!!
Kurumu: Why...
Kurumu: Oh don't be one of the others. *giving you a french kiss,resulting you have an erection*
Syrakk: *in echo* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...
When Syrakk screaming in result,Mizore fighing with the others,except Kokoa,Boris and Borisia.
Yukai tries to use her magic wand for stop her,but possesed Mizore takes it and brakes it.
:iconborismiku:borismiku 9 0
Male Reader X Half Sadist Yandere Kurumu Part 3
Me: Another chapter,another codename. But wait,why do I feel cold.
and why do I feel,that someone is stalking me?
[F/N]: Will [F/N] will survive this? *runs away*
Syrakk: Who?
I blink,but then Mizore teleportaling right in front of me!
Mizore: Sorry, but I had to make sure that you would upload the next codename-story so I must to stalk you forever.
Me: Forever? Don't be like yandere Kurumu! I get it, ''Stalked Forever''! Oh it's a riot,right Syrakk?... Syrakk...
I saw Syrakk being frozen.
Mizore: Well,the next codename will be my name, Mizore.
Me: Uhhh.... Mizore,I'd like to call "Mizore War".
Mizore: Impossible! Would you like to me freeze you instead?
Me:NONONO! I don't want to end up like cavemans-
Mizore: I can't hear anything!
Mizore then freezes me.
Mizore: *looking at the camera* What are you looking at?!? *freezes the camera*
The testcard with "TECHNICAL DIFFICULTS PLEASE STAND BY" appeared on screen.
The chapter,uhhh... I mean codename-story
:iconborismiku:borismiku 11 0
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Bubbles speak
Bubbles Blinkie (F2U) PPG Bubbles Bubbles Chibi Bubbles Blinkie Pervy Bubbles (F2U) PPG Bubbles Bubbles DOP Bubbles Chibi 
Boza:Sorry,I can't understand this alien speak.
Boris:.:*Emoticon*:. Trolling Bubbles Available to USE! Bubbles Blinkie (F2U) PPG Bubbles (F2U) PPG Bubbles Bubbles Blinkie .:*Emoticon*:. Bubbles Free Bubbles Icon 
Boza: Is this Bubbles speak?!
Boris:Pervy Bubbles
Boza:So this means "yes"! What is the alphabet of this speak?
Bubbles Emoticon 1 Bubbles Emoticon 2 Bubbles Icon 3 Bubbles Icon 1 Sneaky Bubbles Free Bubbles Icon .:*Emoticon*:. Trolling Bubbles Available to USE! Bubbles Icon 2 Bubbles Chibi Bubbles Blinkie(F2U) PPG BubblesPervy BubblesBubbles DOP.:*Emoticon*:. Bubbles 
Bubbles belongs to PPG from CN,not me
Also,try this speak.


Stella is my favorite Angry Birds because she's pink and pink is my favorite color the best. She's cute, beautiful, pinky and adorable....

This time, the terror has followed you home. In this last chapter of the Five Nights at Freddy's original story, you must once again de...

by Mesaari

Cute! I love pink! Kawaii! (^_^) this is so pretty!! (●´ω`●)ゞ First, those are exactly my sentiments about tags. Secondly, that is frea...

Windows 7 (codenamed Vienna and also known as Blackcomb[8]) is a personal computer operating system developed by Microsoft. It is a par...

I was forced to install Windows 7. Today is the last day of Linux on my laptop. Since Christmas 2013 (the year before I join to deviantart), I got this laptop and it has Ubuntu 12.04 on it. Farewell. After 3 years and 3 months, it's finally time to say adios, goodbye, sayonara, auf wiedersehen, byebye, bye, ciao, chao, sbogom, dovizhdane, 

tschüss, and other. I KNOW GERMAN

to Ubuntu on my laptop. And now, before I switch to WIndows 7, I'm going to finish a remixed version of Male Reader x Yandere Kurumu(Rosario+Vampire doesn't belong to me at all). This is one of last things. :( The reason why I was forced to switch to Windows is Windows has easy things. But I have a USB flash, I will get all my files on my USB,so I won't lose my files. 

good byeGoodbye by borismiku

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Boris Borislavov Todorov
Artist | Professional | Film & Animation
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:tiphankeplz: Hello! I'm Boris! So,nice to meet you,but no stupid questions!

You can find me on:………

I'm fan of Hatsune Miku,and more.
So that's why my account's(accounts') name is "borismiku",because I'm just fan of Japan,Sushi,Hatsune Miku and more Japanese stuffs,because Japan loves Bulgarian yogurts FGOFJHMIKHMNFGH - 20150601 -
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Boris-a name,secrate message is Wolf(or Vulk,ВЪЛК)This means a oldbulgarian name
Miku(for my DA name):a fan of Hatsune Miku and other stuffs


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